About Dr. Chris

Dry Needling - LMT - NKT - FAKTR - MAT - FMS 
We understand the importance of being healthy as a human being and an athlete. You cannot perform your best at work when you are in pain. You can not run fast in the training room. It is our job to help you maintain your quality of life and to keep you in your sport , 100% functional and game ready. This is when records will be broken, scholarships will be earned, and goals will be achieved.

Chris ran professional track and field for over 9 years. He has competed and qualified in 3 Olympic trials. He has lived the fitness model majority of his life. Chris graduated from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas with a Bachelors and Masters in Economics in 2004. In 2016, Chris made the decision to enroll in Chiropractor school to learn more about the body.

He brings a wealth of knowledge to each client/friend. He personally has been massaged and worked on by some of the best therapist and doctors around the world. He uses his experience with elite athletes and these specialized techniques to give every patient the opportunity to recover from their injury or condition as quickly as possible.

Chris knows the value of great bodywork, the value of a healthy body and the value of a great training regime. Chris has touched many people with his t-shirts that always read Christ In Sports and on the back “No Steroids, Just God.” He knows the natural way to better yourself as a person and an athlete.