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“Chris Thomas is professional and cares for his clients!! He always provides the necessary treatments to keep me healthy as an athlete and helps with my recovery process.

Denise Tomanek

“Chris Thomas understands athletes because he himself is an athlete. His experience and knowledge give him a superior advantage when it comes to dissecting muscle soreness, injuries and overall bodywork. He has played an integral part in keeping me running, my recovery from hard workouts and injury prevention. Chris’ messages do wonders for any tense muscles or stiffness I may be experiencing. I wouldn’t miss my monthly massage for anything!

Leigh Burton Walker

“I am a long-distance runner. All those miles take their toll on my body, as well as do the inevitable injuries. Fortunately for me and my fellow athletes in the Victoria area, we have Chris Thomas. Chris’ massages have gotten me ready for upcoming marathons, helped me to quickly recover from them and most importantly, gotten me quickly back to pounding the pavement very quickly after injuries during training. Not only does Chris “fix” you, he also wants to prevent you from injuring yourself again, so he gives you exercises and stretches to help you strengthen your weak areas and keep you from those recurring injuries. Chris also take a genuine interest in his clients and their activities. He has always contacted me after I’ve visited him due to injury to find out how I’m feeling and how my subsequent runs are going. Whenever my fellow runners complain of pains, strains or injuries, I always tell them “go see Chris Thomas”. Thank you, Chris for everything you’ve done for me and for many others I know!

John Klemczyz


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